About This Project

Jerick Salvain is my name as an artist where I can express most of my creativity in a fun, crazy, yet professional way. Under this name I perform throughout the Netherlands at various parties and festivals. Besides the physical performances I stream DJ sets from location or from my home studio.

When inventing this artist name, it had to be something that would fit me as a person. After several brainstorms with friends and family I came up with Jerick Salvain. Jerick Salvain stands for powerful ruler (king) and leadership. This is in line with my birthday and Zodiac sign (Old Queen’s Day in the Netherlands and Taurus).

To become better known and, of course, to win assignments, I worked on my (visual) identity. A suitable name, logo, corporate identity, merchandise, digital design, live streaming techniques and of course a large music library.

Check out some of the channels I use for this below:

Jerick Salvain – Twitch kanaal
Jerick Salvain – Instagram
Jerick Salvain – Website