About This Project

After a technical problem, the website of Driving School Skill had gone offline at the end of 2018 and unfortunately could not be saved in its old state. Driving School Skill’s website is always heavily visited and plays a hugely important factor in getting new students.

With many new students wanting to sign up at the beginning of the new year, it was important that a new website was realized as soon as possible.

Before I could start designing, building and realizing the new website I set up research with interviews to find out what was important to them, who they are, what they exactly want to radiate and tell. This resulted in a new design for the website.

Finally, to make the website more personal we photographed the driving school car and driving school owner and incorporated them into the website. In addition, I made sure that the website performs optimally and is easy to find on Google. To this day, the website is still active and the driving school is very popular among new students.

Visit the website here: Driving School Skill