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I’m Lesley Hermsen, 

a Functional Applicationmanager
and allround creative

Functional applicationmanager with a passion for structured work, leadership, and collaboration. Ambitious and socially adept, with a helicopter view and the drive to grow and realize beautiful projects every day.

Work Experience

10-2023 – Present

Functional Applicationmanager @ Aon 

In my role as Functional Application Manager, I am responsible for the management and enhancement of existing applications. I analyze the needs of our internal clients to determine how we can use the applications as effectively as possible to support the business processes. In doing so, I closely collaborate with various stakeholders in the organization, including product owners, process managers, key users, product specialists, IT teams, and suppliers.

07-2022 – 10-2023

Creative Designer @ Aon 

As a designer within Aon’s new visual identity, I create various types of content that align with the Aon Story, such as social media banners, videos, animations, advertisements, brochures, and infographics. By designing this content in line with Aon’s new visual identity, I increase brand awareness and strengthen our brand identity.

04-2019 – 07-2022

Digital Producer and project manager @ Aon 

As executive producer for all video productions within Aon Netherlands and Aon Belgium, I am responsible for project management, video strategy, concept, camera work, lighting and sound, editing, and distribution of various video projects.


In addition, I am also responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of Webex Events for all webinars and livestreams within Aon.


As an initiator, I am responsible for the purchase of new computer and camera equipment and software packages to improve the video process. I am also involved in developing and implementing project management via Monday.com within the Marketing and Communications department.

01-2022 – Present

Gamer, content creator and livestreamer @ jerickftw

Passionate gamer and livestreamer under the name jerickftw (jerickFORTHEWIN). Derived from the DJ name Jerick Salvain.




Other content:

Youtube: Youtube.com/jerickftw

Tiktok: tiktok.com/@jerickftw

Instagram: instagram.com/jerickftw

Twitter: twitter.com/jerickftw

01-2016 – Present

Freelancer @ lesleyhermsen.com

Freelancer focused on video production, graphic design, website development and management, and creative problem-solving. 

01-2013 – Semi-inactive

DJ & Producer @ Jerick Salvain

Jerick Salvain is a DJ who has performed at events such as Latin Lovers, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), and Sneakerz in the City Festival. He is also a livestreamer on twitch.tv/jerickftw where he plays games and streams live DJ sets.

02-2016 – 06-2016

Digital Producer @ Livewall

As a digital producer, I worked on behalf of A-brands such as RTL, KLM, Redbull, Coca-Cola, and Dancetour. I am responsible for producing high-quality digital content and videos for these clients. During my studies, I developed 15Seconds, an innovative way to capture your own festival experience through video and photos.

03-2015 – 06-2015

Junior Producer and strategist @ ABN AMRO

As a video strategist, concept developer, and producer, I worked with the video team on the development of high-quality and targeted video content for ABN AMRO. I developed the video process within the headquarters and provided insights into the necessary steps to efficiently run this process. This enables us to achieve our objectives more effectively and meet the needs of our customers.

Soft skills 


Clear communication








Working together

Hard skills 

Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe Photoshop


DaVinci Resolve

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Indesign

Adobe After Effects

Webex (Events)




2012 – 2016

HBO – Communication and Multimedia Design @ Avans Hogeschool Breda

A versatile course with plenty of room to develop myself as an all-round creative. Full of theory and practice about UX/UI design and Usablity, Video and photography,Languages, Animation, Marketing, Creative Problem Solving, Media Strategy, Audio Design, Programming and website development.

2015 – 2016

Digital Music Production @ Southampton Solent University (UK)

A year focusing on producing music and sound design. Final Product: An EP with tracks in different styles of music with self-recorded sound elements and voices.

2008 – 2012

MBO – IT System administrator @ Da Vinci College Dordrecht

Developing, implementing and managing (parts of) information systems, setting up and running a service desk, System Administration, Network Administration, English, Dutch.

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