About This Project

At Aon, I produced three customer videos in collaboration with Clipforce. These videos were created to let clients talk about their collaboration with Aon and what went well and what didn’t.

How do they feel about this partnership? Why are they an Aon customer, what’s not so good and what could be improved? In this video we visited the company Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Clipforce provided the camera work and I directed and produced the video. It was important to me to paint a good picture of the collaboration. But it was also important to reflect the Aon branding, to ask the right questions and to work towards a final version of the editing.

Director: Lesley Hermsen

Camera operator: Clipforce
Edit & color grading: Lesley Hermsen

**This is the promo of the client video, the original with the story was for internal purposes only.**